Metro, Philadelphia Edition – Media Musings, Dishing Out Media Awards: December, 2006

Media Musings: Dishing Out Media Awards
Best Local Broadcaster: Marc Zumoff

Written by Jim Brighter
Metro: Philadelphia Edition
December, 2006

Happy New Year to all as I put down my glass of champagne and toast the year that was in sports media.

Best local broadcaster: Marc Zumoff. Hard to imagine drawing any excitement from a team that’s so bad, and I’ll take my 1990 CYO team against the 76ers in a game to 11, but Zumoff consistently brings the goods. He has to balance out homer Steve Mix, and actually brings genuine enthusiasm to the telecast although Zumoff is responsible for “Instant Korver,” which is the worst nickname in Western civilization.

Honorable Mention: Harry Kalas – the award should be named after him.

Worst local broadcaster: Chris Wheeler. I won’t go into great detail because it just seems unfair at this point.

Best national broadcaster: Ernie Johnson. EJ also has the best story of the year in his return from cancer treatment, but he gets the nod because he has to manage a studio show with Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith. The best part is that Johnson knows he has a great job with great people and seems to acknowledge it.

Honorable Mention: Troy Aikman, Ron Jaworski, Johnny Miller.

Worst national broadcaster: Bryant Gumbel. If you are one of the privileged who actually gets the NFL NetWork, you realize Gumbel is ill-equipped to handle the rigors of play-by-play. He almost admitted as much when he bashed out­going commissioner Paul Tagliabue and almost got fired. His HBO show is simply the best sports show on television, but Gumbel should stick to interviewing because he is hideous calling the action.

Best sports show I’m not watching: “Friday Night Lights.” That’s what I’m told. Everyone I know swears by this show, hut I’m just not on board. It has appeared on several year-end “Best of” lists, but to me it makes no sense to air “Friday Night Lights” on Tuesday. I philosophically disagree with that and I know no one watches television on Friday nights, but what’s next, “Saturday Night Live” on Thursdays?

Jim Brighters is a freelance writer in Philadelphia. His column runs every Tuesday.

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