Sporting News – NBA Media Poll: March, 2003

3. Sixers, Marc Zumoff and Steve Mix, 13.1 percent

Written by Sean Deveney
The Sporting News
March 28, 2003

Welcome to the mailbag, where the pen is mightier than the sword, but they both get whupped by the microphone.

The final tally is in for the official poll taken for what I call (in what is a long stretch for a chuckle), the Directive to Understand Microphone-Doers by an Unbiased Mailbag, or DUMDUM. All 289 precincts have reported, and according to you, the fans, the official DUMDUM winner is . . . Warriors broadcast team Jim Barnett and Bob Fitzgerald! Congrats, fellas. I have not decided what the official DUMDUM prize will be, maybe a sack of those tiny Dum-dum lollipops you get at the bank. I love the pineapple ones.

Anyway, here’s how you, the fans, voted in our announcers poll:

Warriors, Bob Fitzgerald and Jim Barnett, 25.6 percent. Fan Mike Hundley says: “Fitzgerald and Barnett are excitable, but I especially enjoy how they refrain from the crazy, jump-through-your-TV expressions when someone dunks.”

Celtics, Mike Gorman and Tom Heinsohn, 17.3 percent. Greg F. In Pennsylvania says, “They’ve called over 1,000 Celtic games together and keep even the worst-played games entertaining.”

Sixers, Marc Zumoff and Steve Mix, 13.1 percent. Kevin Erhard says, “No one puts as much energy and emotion into a broadcast as Zumoff and Mix.”

Spurs, Joel Meyers and Vinny Del Negro, 12.8 percent. Ed Oliveros writes: “It’s Vinny Del Negro, for crying out loud! Enough said.”

Clippers, Ralph Lawler and Mike Smith, 10.7 percent. Cheran’s analysis: “Definitely love hearing Ralph yell ‘Bingo!’ every time Pike sinks a 3, and I have never seen Lawler’s Law fail (first team to 100 points wins the game).”

That leaves 20.5 percent in the “other” category, and there were about 25 total tandems who received votes. I was surprised to see a straightforward, unbiased duo like Fitzgerald and Barnett followed by a rah-rah pair like Gorman and Heinsohn, but I guess that shows everyone has different tastes.

Erik Lundquist of Sacramento, interestingly, suggested the elimination of national TV crews altogether, instead relying on the hometown guys — who see these teams every night — for the broadcast. I thought that was a great idea, but I don’t see it happening.

But, this is a mailbag, not a Gallup column. I just got back from a brief vacation with Bertie in Florida, visiting my brother, doing a little fishing and watching the Red Sox in spring training. So, if the mailbag feels a little more laid-back than usual, then, well, grab a Corona and just go with it.

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