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Asking good questions

What makes a good question? Now that’s a good question! Why? Because it’s an open-ended question. Open-ended questions are questions that cannot necessarily be answered with a simple yes or no. These kinds of questions make for the best interviews. Avoid leading questions, questions that simply make a statement or questions that lack any real […]

Do the dirty work and love it!

“I just get coffee.” “All I do is busy work. It’s stupid.” “What, I don’t get paid???” Ah, the laments of the intern, the production assistant (PA), the go-fer. Performing the mundane and wondering, “is it all worth it?” It is. More than you’ll ever know. Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia is my employer, while I broadcast […]

You’re a tube of toothpaste

Tell the truth, what do you know about toothpaste? Sure, you know some of the buzz words like whitening and cavity-fighting. But what about the real intrinsic values of the product? Do you really have a full, technical understanding of what makes one toothpaste better than another? Chances are you don’t. Chances are you assume […]