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Take the job you don’t want

The radio newscaster was happy, delivering news in the afternoons and occasionally going out to municipal meetings and the like in the evenings.  It was a good gig at a solid, well-respected station in the market.  His boss was fair.  His co-workers were nice.  The equipment was good and the overall working environment was satisfactory.  […]

Re-inventing TV

Recently, an article posted on a Chicago Tribune blog reported that news producers, writers and editors at an NBC-owned TV station in the Windy City had to reapply for new, multi-faceted positions. The article said that staffers at WMAQ-TV were told this because of increasing demands to provide content not just for TV but the Internet, […]

Obama: anything is possible

Trust me when I tell you, there are plenty of people who never thought they’d see an African American elected president of the United States.  “Not in their lifetime,” they thought.    Barack Obama’s inauguration as the 44th President of the United States should serve as inspiration to all of us.  Partisan politics aside, it’s […]

Versatility is key

“I want to anchor the news.” “I’d love to do play-by-play sports.” “I see myself as the next Oprah” Goals?  Dreams?  Love ‘em.  Keep ‘em.  We should all have ‘em.  As the television play-by-play voice of the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers, I’m living my dream and so I consider myself one of the luckiest people on […]

Be Positive

It’s hard to be positive. Negativity can be so much easier. Just look at the odds that many people say you have of breaking into broadcasting! A thousand to one?  A hundred-thousand to one? A million to one? It’s no wonder the world is full of motivational speakers. Negativity is often so pervasive that people […]

Breaking into broadcasting: success in a recession

The job of breaking into broadcasting is tough enough.  Now, you have to do it in the middle of a recession, a time when reduced revenues are forcing stations to cutback.  This not only shrinks the amount of jobs available, but it also swells the unemployment pool at the same time, especially with people who […]

Put your best stuff first

15 to 20 seconds.  Sometimes, that’s all the time it took Paul Gluck to make a decision on someone’s career.  Gluck, currently an associate professor at Temple University’s School of Communications and Theater, was at one time a major market news director.  And he says when he had an opening and was judging demo reels […]


Last Thursday night (November 6), the 76ers were on national television while playing the Magic in Orlando.  It was an exclusive telecast, meaning our local telecast on Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia was not permitted.  It gave me the chance to watch the game while sitting with and listening to Tom McGinnis, the 76ers outstanding radio play-by-play […]