The Relationship of Joe and Jack Buck

Joe Buck wrote a New York Times bestseller, an autobiography called the Lucky Bastard. It’s the story of his life, growing up and the battles he had to face, but he talks about how he was lucky to have a dad like his own, Jack Buck (famous sports broadcaster). Joe’s hero was his dad, he admired his hard work and drive to be the best in the business. Jack Buck was the only broadcaster to do play-by-play of a Super Bowl on both network television (1970 for CBS) and radio (CBS Radio).


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Women Sports Broadcasters Inspiring Younger Generations

Maura Sheridan, a 2018 graduate of Syracuse University calls games for the University of Vermont’s men’s soccer team. She has stated, three weeks into the season, people still don’t recognize her in the booth. Only 11% of women are journalists in sports to the 89% of men that are involved ( study). These numbers are low, but Sheridan says that women like Jessica Mendoza (first woman to call a Sunday Night Baseball game), Doris Burke (full-time NBA analyst), and Beth Mowins (first woman to call a Monday Night Football game in 30 years) are a huge influence of her vision of being a sports broadcaster and young girls growing up in sports. We are starting to see a trend that we will see more woman in the broadcast booths across the country!

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Brent Musburger on His Icononic Run in Sports Broadcasting

David Halberstam of the Sports Broadcast Journal has Musburger at number 3 in his top 50 network television personalities. Not surprising at all, Musburger has made a name for himself in this industry. In his first season calling games for the Oakland Raiders, Musburger has built a name for himself. He was the first network play-by-play announcer who broke traditional protocol by offering spicy opinions and analysis. “Brent is still not afraid to veer of course to address what is on his stream of consciousness.” Some believe he is up there with Bob Costas, among the most versatile network broadcasters ever. “Brent reached network highpoints for both play-by-play and studio work. He called NBA Finals, Final Fours and college football title games. From an NFL perspective, the Oregon native pioneered stimulating studio programming that fostered an appetite across the network landscape for popular pre and post game shows.”


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Jason Witten Ready to Tackle Monday Night Football

Witten is now ESPN’s lead analyst on the Monday Night Football production this season. Witten’s partner is Joe Tessitore who is a familiar voice in the broadcast booth. He has worked with ESPN since 2002. Witten is extremely excited for this opportunity remarking, “Almost every good thing in my life has come from the game of football.” In the article by Sports Illustrated, they speak upon Witten’s decision to retire and how he made the decision to join the MNF team on ESPN! Witten says it wasn’t an easy decision to give up the game he loves but staying involved with it was the best decision for him.


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From Calling High School to College Football-WSAV Sports Director, Living the Dream

Greg Talbott is from the San Fransisco area and has been calling high school football games since he was 15 years old. Talbott is a graduate from Gonzaga University in May of 2013 where he called mostly baseball games. The past two weeks he got the opportunity of a lifetime for himself. The sports director for WSAV got to call college games on ESPN+ for Georgia Southern. WSAV’s Connor DelPrete sat down with Talbott to talk about his broadcast in his years past. The message that Talbott conveys is that anything can happen if you put your mind to it and you must stay patient in this industry. Congrats Greg Talbott!


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Al Michaels In his 33rd Season With the NFL

Al Michaels is a name that bosses love. Many people in the business say he comes quickly and goes quietly. Michaels has been one of the most recognizable American broadcasters of his time. He has been an accomplished football, baseball, boxing, basketball, hockey and golf announcer. Famously calling the most important games in our Countries history, including the 1980 Winter Olympics when the USA hockey team shocked the world and beat the Soviets to win the gold medal. Many of his viewers like him because he’s honest. Al talks about his career and how he is excited for his 33rd season with the NFL.


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ACC announcer, Mike Hogewood Has Died

Hogewood was a familiar face to ACC fans across the Nation. He passed away on Wednesday, he was 65 years-old. He was an independent broadcaster for ACC basketball and football games on Raycom Sports and Fox Sports Network South. He was also known for being the sports directer at WFMY News 2 in Greensboro for 15 years! He retired in 2013 after 26  years in sports broadcasting, ACC fans will miss him.


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Fox Sports Borrows Fox News Studio for ‘NFL Thursday’ Pregame

Fox’s Thursday Night Football pregame show will now be located in New York City this season instead of the West Coast. They will be broadcasting from the sister network Fox News in Studio F, which has a street-side location and LED video walls. Because of this there will be an outdoor broadcasting area with fake turf and a cheering fanbase behind Michael Strahan, Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long. Thursday Night Football will not be airing until September 27th, when Fox picks it up, but you can watch the first two games of the season on NFL Network.


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Master of Broadcasting, Vin Scully Shares Useful Tips

Vin Scully is America’s best baseball play-by-play announcer ever. The legend retired in 2016 and will turn 91 in November. David Halberstam, of the Sports Broadcasting Journal reached out to Scully. Without hesitation, Scully summarized his 67 seasons of broadcasting for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Scully suggest tips such as reading everyday, “I always encourage others to read, no matter the subject of interest. It’s a truly great thing to get into. Read what you love. I was always wide open. I would read virtually anything, from airplane books that you might toss after you’re done to easier classics. I enjoyed biographies of all sort. The Vince Lombardi bio is a sports one that comes to mind first.”


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Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame Announces Class of 2018

The Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame has announced the class of 2018 and it includes big names such as, Bettman, Carillo, Costas, Fitts, Greenspan, Larsson, Mazza, Mikell, Nantz, Pilson and Vitale. Ken Aagaard, the chairman for the Broadcasting Hall of Fame said, “This year’s class continues our strong tradition of honoring those in our industry who have made a difference both in front of and behind the camera and even in the executive board rooms.”

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