At your own risk: a peak behind the curtain

Freedom of speech is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.  But television news reporter Shea Allen is now unemployed because she thought free speech, at least in this case, (TV Reporter Fired Over Blog-“Didn’t think it would come to this”), was ok.

Television newscasters, sportscasters, professional athletes, food servers, furniture salesmen, et al–we all interact with the public.  When doing that, we present–indeed comport ourselves–in a way that is suitable for the role we are in.  If we think it’s “honest” (or “genuine” as Shea Allen puts it) to give the public a peak behind the curtain of what we’re doing, then those people (Shea included) deserve the consequences.  What is there to gain by “revealing” what’s “really” going on?  For that matter, couldn’t anybody, even someone not in the public eye, dime-out their employers in the righteous interest of free speech?  What’s the benefit?  Who gains from this?  There’s always something going on behind everybody’s curtain.

If Shea Allen “is frightened of old people,” then she should volunteer in a nursing home.  If she makes less money “than most McDonald’s managers” as she claimed on her YouTube channel, well, sometimes that’s the money you make in Huntsville Alabama.  Put your energies into getting better and getting out of the market.  Diane Sawyer once did the weather in Louisville.

Go to a slick production of a Broadway show and literally, peak behind the curtain.  People are yelling, props are falling, scripts are flying.  It’s what happens.  The audience is just there for the show.  If you want to pull the curtain back and reveal all this, go ahead.  You’ll keep the free speech, but not necessarily your job.




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