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I’ve succumbed to Twitter and I like it. Maybe succumbed is the wrong word. Let’s try embrace. 

I’m part of the generation that still values the newspaper left in the driveway and snail mail. And so Twitter, with its laconic 140-character world, was too fast and confusing—the usual feeling you get when you’re ignorant of something.

Well, I acknowledged that ignorance and now, I’m loving it. Funny thing is, I haven’t even scratched the surface. 

I do love the I-phone app where my favorite news sources show up in my electronic driveway, minute-by-minute.  But I’m told, as it relates to maximizing its resources and hitting an intended audience, it’s also—as Larry David says—pretty, pretty good. 

And so for all of you aspiring newscasters and sportscasters, Twitter could help you.  You may know how I’m always harping on the value of networking. Well, isn’t Twitter the state of the that art?

Explore it yourself or get somebody to explain it to you. If you’re looking to break into broadcasting, Twitter can be an asset.  Chats, industry news and the potential to follow (or be followed by) someone in the industry are no more than 140-clicks away.

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