Be Positive

It’s hard to be positive. Negativity can be so much easier. Just look at the odds that many people say you have of breaking into broadcasting! A thousand to one?  A hundred-thousand to one? A million to one?

It’s no wonder the world is full of motivational speakers. Negativity is often so pervasive that people often need help—either overcoming their own poor self-concept, their own doubt or simply, the overwhelming negative attitude pervasive in our own action space in particular and throughout society at large. 

I’m not asking you to ignore the reality of the situation. Breaking into broadcasting is a daunting task. It takes good performance coaching, a solid demo reel and the comprehensive networking skills we help to teach you at But in order to put your total career development program into effect, you have to have a positive outlook. It’s a must.
Negativity will stop you in your tracks. Enlist all the help you can muster.  If you’re not positive about your situation in general, chances are you won’t get anywhere. Negative attitudes and negative energy are a waste and will handcuff you in your efforts to become a broadcast performer.
The best way to be positive is to surround yourself with positive people. Football and basketball teams have cheerleaders. Why not you? Pompoms aside, you need the support of people who believe in you and what you want to do for yourself. Parents and other family members, friends, business associates, whoever you choose, make sure you surround yourself with people who are…positive. Those nattering nabobs of negativity, well, you can’t avoid them.  But you can answer them with a positive position on your future that is not only embraced by you, but the majority of the people with which you spend your time.

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