Breaking into broadcasting: success in a recession

The job of breaking into broadcasting is tough enough.  Now, you have to do it in the middle of a recession, a time when reduced revenues are forcing stations to cutback.  This not only shrinks the amount of jobs available, but it also swells the unemployment pool at the same time, especially with people who already have experience!

Before you get too bummed out, take heart. The competition was going to be fierce no matter what. So recession or not, you still need to be ready with the tools necessary to give you a leg up on the competition. Here’s a review of some of the mandatory assets you will need to succeed in your quest to break in as a broadcast performer:

1.) Believe in yourself.  This is the first step, the foundation for success.  You have to believe that you can do the job, not only in the face of competition, but also in dealing with being rejected.  And as you probably know, you have to be lucky sometimes even to be rejected because telephone calls and e-mails are often never returned.
2.) Surround yourself with positive people.  This will help you to believe in yourself.  Negativity only leads to doubt and a drain on your energy.  Sports teams have cheerleaders.  Why not you?
3.) Have the right demo DVD.  This includes putting your best stuff first and having it professionally produced. 
4.) Network to the right people.  This includes scheduling informational interviews and constantly following up. 
5.) Remember the three P’s, Passion, Persistence and Patience

All of this won’t do anything for anybody’s 401k, but it will help increase your chances of breaking into the business as a broadcast performer, during or even after the recession.  At, we provide lifetime assistance in all phases of the process that is, breaking into broadcasting. 

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