Buyer Beware

Podcasting.  Professional or amateur, good voice or bad, youcan be a podcaster.  But buyer beware—that downloaded software you’re using to produce your podcasts…well…you might not “own” as much of that software as you think.

I recently discovered this the hard way.  I had been using Roxio’s Record Now Premiere software to record voice-overs for my professional work.  The software had proven to be relatively easy to use and I was able to record commercials and other production work with relative ease.

The Roxio Record Now software was on my laptop.  Recently, I had to have some updates done on the laptop so the hard drive was completely re-done.  That meant everything on the hard drive was going to be erased, including the Roxio software.  No problem, I thought.  I have all of the necessary registration numbers and security codes necessary since I’d properly purchased the software online.  I figured when I get my laptop back I’ll just go to Roxio’s website and re-download the Roxio Record Now software.

So, my laptop is returned, I go to the website and I put in all the necessary codes and passwords in order to re-download the software.  In fact, on the website, there are specific instructions in case you need to re-download software.  However, when I went through all the hoops and hurdles and got to where I needed to be, I was not able to re-download the software.  Instead, up comes a message that tells me I exceeded the 30-day limit for downloading the program.  In other words, when you first buy the program, Roxio then gives you 30-days to do the download.  If you don’t do the download within the 30-day period, you have to purchase the program AGAIN! 

Fortunately, I had another audio software package manufactured by Sony called Sound Forge, and I was able to re-download that without a problem. 

The moral of the story?  If you have to re-do your hard drive or if you want a copy of the software you already purchased for a second or third computer you own, make sure there’s no deadline for re-downloading the software package.  If not, you might have to buy what you already purchased…again!

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