Do the dirty work and love it!

“I just get coffee.”

“All I do is busy work. It’s stupid.”

“What, I don’t get paid???”

Ah, the laments of the intern, the production assistant (PA), the go-fer. Performing the mundane and wondering, “is it all worth it?” It is. More than you’ll ever know.

Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia is my employer, while I broadcast the games of the NBA’S Philadelphia 76ers. Both of this fine organizations employ various, lower-level employees. Some, like interns, receive credit for their efforts. Others, like per diem or game night workers, receive a modest fee or stipend. Unfortunately, many treat the job like it’s “below them” or has duties that simply don’t match what they’re trying to accomplish with their careers.

Just remember this, any job is what YOU make it. Sure, the duties might be simple and dull. That’s ok. First, these are things that ARE necessary. In fact, if you screw them up, it could cause bigger problems—MUCH bigger problems. Second, this is your opportunity to show people in the business that you can attack these “simple” jobs with alacrity and pride, showing you might have the smarts, character and tenacity to tackle even bigger jobs (promotion!). Third, the truly ingenious and energetic among you who can polish off these smaller obligations might then have the wherewithal to volunteer for more complicated stuff. Again, another opportunity YOU have made to show your worthy of bigger and better.

Listen up all of you interns, go-fers and PAs. You might think no one is watching or realizes what you’re doing. But trust me, they’re noticing—and they really notice when you screw up. If they see you hustling, taking extra responsibilities and really making an effort to perform well, it could bode well for the future. And even if you’re not hired at this place, think of everything you will have learned by keeping your nose to the grindstone while keeping your ears open and your mouth shut. That doesn’t even include the people you will meet on the job, people who can eventually help you to get the job you want.

Those are the very same people who you think aren’t watching you perform the simple, the boring, the mundane. Do that dirty work…and love it!

Find out more about how to acquire these low-level, high-benefit jobs and how they can help in your career development as a broadcast performer. Visit us at

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