It’s OK to be anxious

You’re on the outside looking in. Your nose is pressed against the window of the broadcasting industry and you hunger to get inside. But then you ruminate about the competitive nature of the business or that callous news director who won’t return your phone call. You start wringing your hands at the prospect of perhaps never seeing the fulfillment of your dream of being a broadcast performer.

You’re anxious.

And that’s OK.

Any amount of angst, distress or out and out worry about how, when or even if you have what it takes to break into the business as a broadcast performer is perfectly understandable. Breaking into the business is not an easy thing to do. But hopefully, you’ve created a vision of yourself doing what you’ve always wanted to do. Let that vision fuel your fire to do what you have to do to get it done.

The first step in “getting it done” is for you to acknowledge your fears. These are perfectly natural, understandable feelings. Ultimately dealing straightaway with these emotions is really the first step toward making that dream come true. Give yourself a break, please–you want something badly and you don’t know how to achieve it. You know you love the rhythm of the newscaster’s cadence or the rush from doing a live shot as a sports reporter or play-by-play announcer, but you may not know the first thing about making it a reality. Doesn’t it make sense that you feel a level of frustration and helplessness when you are sitting there with this fervent wish for yourself and you have little or no idea how to make it become a reality?

The broadcasting business is immensely popular and competitive for a number of reasons. For one, it is a tremendous artistic outlet. The act of creating something can be a truly sublime way to make a living. News anchors, reporters, sportscasters and actors can experience an exceptional amount of self-satisfaction by having to perform before thousands of people on a nightly basis. The attendant notoriety of having your face on camera can be rewarding as well. And for those who ply their craft live, without the benefit of video taping, editing or even a script, the result can sometimes be even more satisfying. Frequently, the mental preparation and concentration required for live performers is so great, many will report a real “natural high” after they get off the air. is uniquely qualified to help you achieve your dream. That’s because we offer personal, comprehensive, accessible career development for aspiring news and sports broadcast performers.

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