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There are a lot of pressures attendant to looking for a job as a broadcast performer in television or radio. The very daunting nature of the task can be distressing: finding the openings; getting a leg up on the competition; having the right demo reel.So, I’m here to tell you to take a breath, relax and relieve yourself of some of the pressure.
Don’t look for a job!That’s right. Don’t look for a job. Stop scouring the want ads, the websites and the publications. Stop stressing over the right font type for your resume.Just stop.

You see, you already have a job. That job would be meeting people. That’s right, just go out and meet people. That should not only be your preoccupation, but quite honestly, it needs to become your occupation. Eight hours a day. Fulltime. All of your resources, all of your being, devoted to meeting people.

Meeting the right people, of course, is the key to all of this. People who have a direct or even indirect relationship to some aspect of television or radio. These are the kinds of people who will help you in your search for a broadcasting job as much as anything or anybody.

Developing the right contacts is an art. It takes what we call The Three P’s: Passion, Persistence and Patience. Putting all of these to work in harmony is an important aspect to this new job of yours.

At marczumoff.com,we show you how to meet the right people and how they can help you find the opportunities you’re looking for.

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