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Recently, when I wrote of my embracement of Twitter, I also claimed my lasting affection for the newspaper delivered daily in my driveway.  No doubt you teens and twentysomethings might have trouble identifying with that, especially since you were born into a world where the leading edge of the news is delivered via Twitter, RSS, mobile phone, etc.  But after you click on the link below, perhaps you’ll have an inkling as to the reason for my bias toward the broadsheet. 

The original reason for showing you this link was the almost absurd thinking on the part of an Arizona congressman back in the early 70’s (Morris Udall, a former pro basketball player who actually once ran for president).  You’ll see his fear of how television was “overexposing sports” and how legislation was needed to limit sports broadcasting (He died in 1998, when ESPN and its growing list of portals were very much a part of the scene). 

But when you’re done reading that article, feel free to peruse the rest of the Daytona Beach Morning Journal from March 30, 1971.  Check out the articles, the ads, the prices.  All there, albeit preserved in electronic form, but ostensibly the black-and-white ink and paper that served us well back in the day.  


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