Producing a Demo

Just last week, one of our clients spent the day shooting stand-ups and interviews.  Soon, we’ll choose the stand-ups we like best, script the reporter packages and anchor segments, then hit the studio to put the finishing touches on what promises to be one terrific demo DVD. 

What’s it like preparing the material necessary to show your best?

Our first step is to coordinate with you exactly what your reporter stand-ups will look like, where they’ll be staged and just what you’ll be saying.  You then “script” the stand-ups–that is, you write out generally what you would like to say.  We then spend part of a single day shooting those stand-ups and any other “live shots” and interviews we want to put on your reel.

When that’s finished, we schedule you for a second half-day to record the voice-over segments for your reporter packages and we fire-up our studio for the anchoring portion of the reel which you have also scripted yourself. 

Soon, through the magic of editing, you have a bright and tight representation of your best work which you can show prospective employers.  You’ll receive a DVD as well as a special webpage.  You can e-mail the link for that webpage to news and sports directors and anybody else for quick downloading of your reel for viewing. 

But of course, that’s just part of it.  We then become your personal consultants every step of the way, plotting a course of action where you can meet the right people and network to the openings in one of the most competitive fields there is, broadcast performance.  We do this on your schedule, staying in constant contact with you via telephone, e-mail and personal consultations.  And we do it for as long as it takes.  Even after you land that first job, we’ll continue to look at examples of your work and give you feedback so you can improve and eventually move up in the business.  We do this for a lifetime, because that’s how long our agreement with you runs, literally for a lifetime!

Contact us at and we’ll be happy to talk with you about how to start your career as a broadcast performer.   

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