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Chasing the tail.  That’s my term for going for openings in broadcasting that may have developed from someone accepting a new position somewhere else.  It’s a solid method for discovering openings in television and radio for newscasters, sportscasters and yes, radio disc jockeys and talk show hosts as well.  Yes, you’re reading about someone taking a job, but think for a second—they may have left a position for that new one.  Does that mean their old job is open? 

It may take some creative research on your part, but it could yield something.  A number of blogs and websites are dedicated to movement within the industry.  Some of the information is accurate and well-founded.  Some of it is rumor, so be careful.  Bottom line is, it can be an asset for you.

Here’s one I uncovered on the radio industry:

Check out the “Making Moves” section on the left.  It’s updated frequently. 

Best of luck “chasing the tail” and I’ll try to find more of these for you.

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