Brian Clapp used to hire sportscasters.  Now, he’s helping them to get hired.

Born in Boston, Clapp is based in Seattle, where he was the former news director of the city’s Fox affiliate.  His aptly named website,, is a treasure for those who aspire to cover the events they love watching as fans.  Clapp says the site is designed to “help 15 to 25 year olds (and older) to see what it’s like to work in TV (sports) or for anyone who’s trying to make a career of it.”

There’s career advice, resources, videos, blog links and yes, actual employment opportunities.  And the ads aren’t just for those who want to be on camera.  A slew of behind-the-scenes options are also available.

While it still pays to network and personally develop contacts in the industry, is a more than worthwhile option for those who want to explore, in depth, what it takes to get a job in TV sports.

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