Too old? Internships lead to broadcasting jobs

Attention college grads.  Those contemplating career changes in your 20’s, 30’s or even 40’s.  All of you who are dying for a career in television broadcasting, here’s an important note:

Become an intern.
We’ve talked many times before about the benefits of an internship for college undergrads.  But becoming an intern is also an option for those of you who think you’re too old to be one; those of you who would have expected to already be employed as a news or sports broadcaster.

The benefits of internships are myriad.  You learn on the job and you make wonderful connections.  The vast majority of News anchors and Sportscasters started their broadcasting careers as interns.  Some internships even lead directly to on-air positions. 

So, just because you’re older, you can still be an intern!  If you’re unemployed, become an intern and get another job to make money (you must have some other skills, right?).  And if you are employed, well, you have off time, including nights and weekends, correct?  Remember for you older folks, the time to hustle is even more imminent.  

One issue you might face as a college graduate is the fact that many media outlets require you to receive college credit for your internship.  If that’s the case, talk to a counselor at a local college or university and see if there isn’t something that can be worked out, be it taking a course or simply enrolling as a non-matriculating student.

Hey, just because you’re a grown-up, doesn’t mean you’ve outgrown becoming an intern.  Even if you’re older, you can still get the same on-the-job training and networking benefits, benefits which could soon land you on-the-air.

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