Top Schools for Broadcasting

For those of you hoping to carve out a career as a radio or television broadcaster, there are a number of factors to consider when deciding on a college or university:

  • Is there a curriculum or at least some classes that fit my interest?
  • A radio and/or television station?
  • A solid internship program?
  • A viable, accessible alumni?

These are all important issues to think about when looking into a college.  But here’s the number one question to ask yourself: how does it feel in the tummy?  In other words, what does your gut tell you?  Do you see yourself fitting in, in essence, living in this place at least the next four years?  Do you like the students, the professors, and the facilities? 

Here’s a link to begin your search.

If you’re interested in getting a job as a sportscaster, there are literally hundreds schools that have specific, sportscasting courses as well. 

And don’t forget my school, Temple University!

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