What to do while you’re waiting

The strategy nowadays is to take that Personal Digital Assistant with you everywhere—so you’re not bored while you wait.  The lines at the post office, bank and fast food place, at some time or another, fill us all with dread.  Not the fact that you actually have to wait in line in some of these places but…”what do I do while I’m waiting?”

The wait for a job in broadcasting can be interminable.  Career development never goes fast enough.  Unreturned phone calls, emails and when you finally do get an answer—rejection!—don’t help.  So, what do you do while you’re waiting?

There’s no PDA application that you can download, but you can do a few practical things to keep you productive and sane.  Here are a few ideas:

  1. Get a job. That is, whatever you can do to earn money. That would mean waiting on tables, clerking at a store in the mall or perhaps making money with some hidden talent. Whatever it is, do it at least part-time. It’ll give you some walking around money, something to give your parents (room and board) while you extend your childhood or for those of you already on your own, money for rent and food.
  2. Take a break. Recently, one of my clients simply took a one-month hiatus from her broadcasting job search. She moved out of her parent’s house and in with a friend—for a month. They did fun stuff most of the time and career development only on occasion. She’s back at it now, reenergized.
  3. Fantasize. Imagine your perfect job in broadcasting. Now, take a look at some of the people who have the job that you want. Look at their websites, their resumes, their backgrounds and how they got where they are. You might apply some of what happened to them…to you. Great success stories can inspire.
  4. Watch and learn. Scrutinize some of the news and sportscasters you really admire. Try to pick up a few nuances—something about their performance or writing that you like. Then when you get the chance, incorporate (don’t imitate, incorporate) some of their stylings in your presentation. A presentation that will come…at some point.

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