Who are you? Developing a style

Old schoolers like me harken back to The Who, the 1960’s British rock band that asked the musical question, “Who are you? Who, who, who, who?”

That’s a question all aspiring television and radio broadcast performers need to ask themselves. Who am I? Who am I on the air? What is my on-air persona? What is my style? And for good measure ask yourself, how do I develop that style?

This is not an easily answered question. And even once you discern the answer and have developed an on-air personality, know that it’s a personality which will evolve and change for the rest of your broadcasting life.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Your primary interest right now is on nurturing a style of performance unique to you as an individual. This is really the first thing to consider. You have to honestly determine who you are. If you’re serious and generally straight-forward by nature, then that in large measure should dictate how you perform. If you (or others) deem you as witty and funny, than that needs to be evident, both in your deliver and your writing. Of course all of this depends on what you’re doing (news, sports, weather, commentaries) and what persona is appropriate for the vehicle in which you are performing.

There are many other areas to consider as well. Looks and voice quality go a long way toward determining who you should be on the air. And it’s always good to try to incorporate some of the on-air stylings of others. You’ll notice I said incorporate and not imitate others. There’s a big difference. Incorporating the phrasing, cadence or look of someone who’s on air style you like is natural and in fact, encouraged. Again, the trick is to find the fine line between incorporating and imitating this particular person.

www.marczumoff.com knows how to help you develop an on-air style that is attractive, comfortable and unique to who you are.

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