You’re a Media Professional now

NewscasterSportscasterWeather person?

Well, yes, yes and yes…but not exclusively.

More and more, television talent is being asked not only to perform but shoot, edit and write for the station’s website.  For that matter, newspaper reporters are being asked to perform on-camera stand-ups, interviews and even shoot the very same events they’re covering with a pad and pen. 

It’s convergence and it’s happening even as you read.  It’s the state of the art, both as it relates to the rapid growth of the internet as well as the inevitable constraints of budget.
This is especially true for those who are looking to break into broadcasting.  While one-man bands have even infiltrated major markets in some cases, those who are looking at acquiring one of their first jobs in broadcasting had better be prepared to do everything and anything.  That includes not only all of the television disciplines (performing, shooting, editing, etc.) but writing and posting video on the station’s website.  And as it relates to keeping news and sports separate, well, the line is frequently blurred there as well.  Sportscasters in smaller (and sometimes larger) markets who dream of anchoring ESPN’s SportsCenter should be ready to wear the news or even weather hat when called upon and vice versa. 

The message here is essentially this: keep that dream alive of being a White House reporter or Major League Baseball voice.  But while en route to your goal, be prepared to be a “media professional,” ready to tackle whatever, whenever.  In fact, when you hit your life’s ambition, you still might be required to show your all-around skills.  

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