Brian Seltzer, host for the 76ers Radio Network, shares how a chance encounter has developed into an invaluable friendship


October’s client of the month has quite the resume and is always looking to improve his craft with the help of Marc Zumoff. He is heading into his third season as host for the Philadelphia 76ers Radio Network, anchoring pre-game and halftime coverage. He has provided play-by-play commentary for University of Pennsylvania football radio broadcasts for the past seven seasons, and – this fall – will be entering his ninth season in the same capacity for UPenn’s Men’s Basketball team. Brian serves as the 97.5 FM The Fanatic news anchor, delivering local ‘SportsCenter’ update reports during morning and afternoon drive time programming.

His past assignments include three years – from 2010 through 2012 – providing radio play-by-play commentary for the Reading Phillies, the Double-A minor league baseball affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies. He also spent four years – from 2006 through 2009 – as the Philadelphia Eagles beat reporter for 950 AM ESPN / 97.5 FM The Fanatic, covering the team on a year-round, daily basis, while co-hosting talk shows with Brian Dawkins, DeSean Jackson, and Brian Westbrook. 

Brian was kind enough to say this about Marc, when asked about how he has helped him pursue his broadcasting career…

“Without question, Marc has, hands down, been one of the most influential people to have played a role in my professional and personal development.

I first met Marc in passing a little more than 10 years ago at  the Wells Fargo Center, on a night that I was working as a runner for the NBA on TNT crew.  Having goals of pursuing a career in sports broadcasting, I approached him and introduced myself, which led to an exchange of e-mail addresses.

In what is a total testament to Marc’s character, and his absolute commitment to helping others, that random, chance encounter has since developed into an invaluable mentorship and friendship.  Over the past decade and change, I honestly don’t think there’s been a single message – by phone, text, or e-mail – I’ve sent to Marc that he hasn’t answered, and I’ve bugged him with hundreds of them (as text and Gmail archives verified to me!).

As accomplished as Marc is at what he does, the quality I admire most about him is his overall outlook on and approach to life. He seems to appreciate what he’s got, keeps the big picture issues in perspective, and has established balance.  More than any feedback he’s ever given me on my work, this example that Marc sets has left the greatest impression on me.

Check out some broadcasting samples of Brian Seltzer’s work below:

Penn Football vs. Dartmouth 2013

Penn Men’s Basketball vs. Dartmouth 2014

Favorite Quotes:

Be humble, but hungry” – Brian Dawkins                          “Think the thought” – Marc Zumoff

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