Buddy Sangalli: never too old, never too proud

Buddy Sangalli is not a recent college graduate.  He has no broadcasting experience.  But he’s a great example of two things.  Buddy has acknowledged it’s never too late to pursue a dream and you should never be too proud to start at the beginning.

Buddy’s dream is to one day be the play-by-play voice of a baseball team.  And over the winter, he took the first step toward achieving that goal, taking an internship with the Hudson Valley Renegades, a Class A New York-Pen league affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays.  Whatever the club has asked Buddy to do, be it entertain kids or carry boxes, he has done it.  But more importantly, his mere presence with the club has earned him some great opportunities.

As the season got underway recently, Buddy befriended Renegades radio voice Gregg Caserta.  Caserta could not have been nicer, taking Buddy under his wing and offering valuable, free advice.  Recently, Caserta made a magnanimous gesture by inviting Buddy on the air to do an inning of color analysis.  For Buddy, this heart-stopping moment was a dream come true.

Buddy will continue to take advantage of his internship by occasionally sitting in the press box and practicing his play-by-play into a digital recorder.  These will be valuable “reps” for an older, aspiring broadcaster.  But now, he is supported by that wonderful feeling, that unmitigated thrill of actually being live, on the air.

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