Check out our latest broadcaster profile, Emilie Ikeda!

In July’s  client profile, we introduced Emilie Ikeda, a junior from American University! We spoke with Emilie, and this is what she had to say:


I am an aspiring news anchor with three passions since elementary school:  broadcast journalism, dance, and field hockey.  My primary goal of becoming a successful broadcast journalist is supported by my desire for dance and field hockey.  I am currently a second-semester sophomore studying broadcast journalism and minoring in dance and political science at American University in Washington D.C..  My dream of becoming a news anchor has only intensified since my time at American University but started to take shape in elementary school.

Although at first glance my three passions may seem disconnected, my enthusiasm for broadcast journalism, dance, and field hockey are, in fact, synergistic.  My love for communicating with and to people, whether in the television or dance studios and resolve learned from field hockey gives me the drive to persevere in the competitive field of journalism.  I strive to be an anchor at a television station in a major market within five years after graduating. Through anchoring, I hope to serve millions of people as a trusted face, known for communicating vital information in a fair and balanced way to help promote positive change in the world.

I met Marc my senior year in high school; he visited as a guest speaker for our television program.  Since then, Marc has helped me in a variety of ways.  He’s provided me encouragement, recommendation letters, extremely detailed and constructive critiques for various videos and demo reels, suggestions for my resume and cover letters, and advice on a long-term plan to help me reach my goal of becoming an anchor/reporter.

A quote I live by comes from Philippians 4:13-

“I can do all things through Him, who gives me strength.”

Check out some of Emilie’s work here.

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