Giant broadcasting mistakes: You and they will get over it

In June, a young broadcaster achieved instant infamy by dropping a four-letter word among his first utterances as a newscaster in North Dakota.    Thanks to YouTube, hundreds of thousands know about it.

The obvious lesson to be learned is among the top commandments in the broadcast performers credo: never say anything around a microphone that you wouldn’t want to say over the air.  But beyond that, this young man–if he has the determination and fortitude–will be able to rise again.

People make mistakes.  All people make mistakes.  And while the downright mortification suffered by the young North Dakota broadcaster might seem overwhelming, he, along with the rest of the world, can get over it.

The first thing for him to remember is what we just said, all people, all broadcasters make mistakes.  Most broadcasters have moments of infamy they’d like to permanently erase, and we are talking about prominent broadcasters–MYSELF INCLUDED!  And they (and me) all continue, for the most part, to be broadcasters.

The best thing to do when making a serious on-air gaffe is to acknowledge what happened, learn from it and not only move on from it but embrace it.  In other words, freely acknowledge that yes, “I’m the one that did that.”  Own it.  Show people you’re not afraid of the fact that, well, you did something stupid.  And better yet, use that experience to teach yourself as well as other young, aspiring broadcasters not to do the same thing.

In time, the hope is, that you will indeed resume your broadcasting career.  And you won’t do it in spite of what happened.  You’ll do it because of what happened.




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