Help for women in sports media

Being a woman in sports media has its own, unique challenges.  But the Association for Women in Sports Media (AWSM) is here to help.  This is a serious, full-service organization, volunteer-driven organization based in Norcross, Georgia, but its focus is nationwide.  Here’s the organization’s mission taken directly from its website:

Mission Statement
The Association for Women in Sports Media has the following objectives: to serve as a positive advocate for women in sports media, through support services, networking and national visibility; to mentor and assist young women entering into sports media, through scholarships, internships and contact with experienced members; to serve as a watchdog, promoting fair portrayal of female professionals in sports media, encouraging diversity, positive workplace environments and equal access to opportunities. (Adopted February 2005)

I discovered AWSM while doing research for my upcoming textbook, Total Sportscasting: Performance, Production and Career Development.  Here’s the website:



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