Master of Broadcasting, Vin Scully Shares Useful Tips

Vin Scully is America’s best baseball play-by-play announcer ever. The legend retired in 2016 and will turn 91 in November. David Halberstam, of the Sports Broadcasting Journal reached out to Scully. Without hesitation, Scully summarized his 67 seasons of broadcasting for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Scully suggest tips such as reading everyday, “I always encourage others to read, no matter the subject of interest. It’s a truly great thing to get into. Read what you love. I was always wide open. I would read virtually anything, from airplane books that you might toss after you’re done to easier classics. I enjoyed biographies of all sort. The Vince Lombardi bio is a sports one that comes to mind first.”


To read more about Vin Scully click here. To learn more about his tips for young broadcasters click here.





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