On Being Interviewed

Tonight I’ll have the chance to see what the other side sees. That’s when Temple University Television interviews me. Normally, I’m doing the interviewing.

The most important part of being a good interviewer is to be a good listener. Theoretically, you can go into any interview with one question and if the interviewee says something that is intriguing and/or requires a follow-up, then that becomes your next question. You can literally do an entire interview this way, following up and going down different roads. Of course you want your report to be comprehensive, so if there are other aspects of the story that need to be addressed, then other types questions are required. Having a few questions prepared for your interviewee is fine, but constantly referring to them from a notepad or simply reading can be disconcerting. In a long-format interview, where you are talking at length with someone as part of a feature, it’s generally acceptable to have a pad with some prepared questions. Still, even in this mode of questioning, good listening is a key.

Temple students, take note!

For more information on Temple University Television and its coverage of the
2012 Olympics from London, visit http://www.templetv.net/

Looking forward to the experience!

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