Play-by-play announcers: Do you do these 3 things to prepare?


Total Sportscasting: Performance, Production, and Career Development

Chapter 3: Research and Relationships epresses the importance of trust as a sportscaster or producer. You have to be confident in the resources and people that purport to supply you with the facts necessary to get your job done. Conversely, those folks need to develop a trust in you. From play-by-play to reporting, from anchoring to sports talk, from producing to directing, the trust factor is pervasive.

This excerpt focuses on the research and preparation of Play-by-play announcers:

Play-by-play announcers need to come prepared with many of the nuts and bolts necessary to bring the viewer or listener into the game such as basic roster information and pertinent statistics. Coaching strategies and stories about the participants also help to make a well-rounded presentation, although like many of the other sportscasting disciplines, play-by-play announcers need to be prepared to alter their presentation depending on how the game is being played out.

Play-by-play announcers will often do their homework on cards or boards that they can refer to during the broadcast. Preparing and organizing this material differs from sport to sport and from broadcaster to broadcaster.

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