Women Sports Broadcasters Inspiring Younger Generations

Maura Sheridan, a 2018 graduate of Syracuse University calls games for the University of Vermont’s men’s soccer team. She has stated, three weeks into the season, people still don’t recognize her in the booth. Only 11% of women are journalists in sports to the 89% of men that are involved (statistica.com study). These numbers are low, but Sheridan says that women like Jessica Mendoza (first woman to call a Sunday Night Baseball game), Doris Burke (full-time NBA analyst), and Beth Mowins (first woman to call a Monday Night Football game in 30 years) are a huge influence of her vision of being a sports broadcaster and young girls growing up in sports. We are starting to see a trend that we will see more woman in the broadcast booths across the country!

To read more on Sheridan’s story and this article click here!




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