Rockies Broadcaster Turned Screenwriter Releases his First Movie

Jeff Kingery, a former broadcaster for the Colorado Rockies, released his first movie, Table 47, a story of love and murder set in Colorado. Jeff retired from radio broadcasting for the Rockies in 2009. After retirement, Jeff realized that he wanted to work in movies and wrote the screenplay that eventually became “Table 47.” Jeff is now working on other movies.


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Joe Buck Still Facing Comparisons to Father Jack

Before The Chicago Cubs beat the St. Louis Cardinals to advance to the National League Championship Series, Joe Buck, a St. Louis native, said that calling a World Series for the Cubs would be one of the greatest moments in his career. This was Joe Buck the baseball fan, not Joe Buck the St. Louisian. This set off a lot of Cardinals fans who began to call out Joe for being “nothing like his father,” Jack Buck, who was a legendary Cardinals broadcaster. The fans said Joe was letting his father down. Joe has been facing comparisons to his father since he became a broadcaster as well and recognizes that they have differences. If there is anything important that the two agreed on thought, it was there love for the game. Any true fan of baseball, including Jack, would agree with Joe that calling a once in a lifetime game is a big deal.

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Sweet Briar College Created a Radio Station for Studebts and the Community

Sweet Briar College has created a radio station where aspiring broadcasters and radio personalities can work on their craft. The station goes by the name, ” The Briar,” and runs 24/7. The school has even opened the station up for volunteer workers and members of the community to get involved. This is a great idea from Sweet Briar that can give the students and community real life experience in the field.

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Four Cover Letter Tips to Land Television News Jobs

Dan Rosenheim, a CBS News Director in San Francisco, recently outlined the four tips that he finds important for cover letters. Rosenheim says that the three important aspects that he looks at are a candidate’s work record and resume, their interview and their references, but a bad cover letter can distract from the other three. 
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Seattle News Fixture Chris Legeros Passes

Chris Legeros, who left broadcasting last year to treat his cancer, has passed away. Chris worked with Seattle-based KIRO from 1983-2014 and won multiple Emmys for his work. Earlier this year, Chris was inducted into the Silver Circle by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. The Silver Circle is an honor given to those who made a significant contribution to television for more than Twenty-five years. 
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Vin Scully to Miss the Rest of the Postseason

Vin Scully, the legendary Dodgers broadcaster, will be missing the rest of the baseball season after having a medical procedure earlier this week. He will be taking the time off to recuperate and he recently signed a contract extension to some back next year. Vin plans on coming back strong and ready for next season. We wish him well and can’t wait for his first game back next year.

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Female Reporters Still Face Old Problems

At the Indianapolis Colts and Jacksonville Jaguars game this week there was a step backward made for female reporters. An usher, working for Lucas Oil Stadium and the Colts, would not allow three female reporters into the locker rooms. The usher believed that the players might not want women in the locker rooms. Female reporters still see many problems when trying their hand in the sports world. The three reporters were finally let in after several minutes of waiting, but this shows that some people still can’t accept women and their involvement in sports. Both teams have launched investigations into the matter and have made public apologies to the reporters.

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Hawk Harrelson Cutting Down His Workload

Hawk Harrelson, a longtime staple in the Chicago White Sox organization, is going to call fewer games going forward. Starting next year he will only call 81 games. Hawk has been a part of the team since 1982 has been one of the team’s play-by-play announcers for 29 of those 33 years. Hawk will still be working with the team, just in a smaller capacity.

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From Behind the Scenes to In Front of the Lights

David Westin, former ABC News President, is getting a shot in front of the camera as the host of the new show on “Bloomberg Go.” His show will focus on business related news and will be on for three hours every morning. Westin became the ABC News President in 1997 and ran the business from behind the scenes until 2010. Getting back into the broadcast business and relaying news for Bloomberg seems like the perfect place for the former corporate lawyer.


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Don Orsillo is Switching Coasts and Teams

Don Orsillo has signed a new contract to become the San Diego Padres radio and television broadcaster moving forward. He will be leaving the Red Sox after this season after being a broadcaster for the team for over 15 years. Don has supposedly been offered a 6-year contract by the Padres and will be with the team through the 2020-2021 season.

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