Ross Fletcher Leaving the Seattle Sounders After this Season

Ross is leaving the Seattle Sounders of Major League Soccer after being a broadcaster with the team for the past four years. He had the pleasure of working with some of the players from the US Men’s National Team like Clint Dempsey. He even covered the English Premiere League and the EPL Championship, some of the best teams and players in the world. Ross has not yet indicated where he will be working next.

Graphics Error Leads to Sportscaster Showing Improvisation Skills

A good newscaster has to know how to deal with technical difficulties and Robby Donoho, a sportscaster at WCBI in Tupelo, Mississippi, did just that. The station was having problems with their graphics, so Donoho used what he had with him to fix the situation. He grabbed a marker and a sheet of paper and wrote the scores in place of the missing graphics.

ESPN Cutting a Large Number of Employees

ESPN is letting go to approximately 300 people in the upcoming weeks. The network has had large cuts like this in the past but maintains that the interest in sports around the world is unchanged. They say that the way ESPN works is changing, making it harder to know who is necessary. These cuts are in addition to several big name journalists that have left ESPN recently like Bill Simmons who moved onto HBO.

Ohio High School Student Getting Valuable Practice in the Booth

Lukas Moore has wanted to be a broadcaster since he was 10 years old and his mom gave him a tape recorder. Now Lukas is a senior in high school. Lukas gets plenty of broadcast practice calling his school’s football games. Lukas teamed up with a fellow classmate, Mikey Zeigler, to broadcast the games and Lukas’ calls online, and now he has over 150 weekly listeners. Lukas is well on his way to becoming a professional broadcaster.

Chris Webber Making the Move From Broadcaster to Professor

Chris Webber jumped onto the basketball scene in the early 1990s while part of Michigan’s “Fab Five.” He went on to have a successful NBA career and was selected to 5 All-Star teams. After retirement Chris decided to make the switch to broadcaster and has been doing that since the 2008-09 NBA season. Now he is going to make another switch, this time to teaching. He will be the professor of a sports, race and society class at Wake Forest and his experience in the league and in the booth will certainly help.

Craig Sager is Making the Return That We All Were Waiting For.

In just over a week, Craig Sager, the longtime sideline reporter of the NBA, will be back for the first night of the new season. Craig has missed time over the last few seasons to treat his cancer and has seen support flow in from around the world. Craig will be on the sideline for the New Orleans Pelicans and Golden State Warriors game on October 27. Craig is working hard to get back to work and is looking forward to being back on the sideline where he belongs.


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Dedicated High School Football Broadcaster Makes His Return


Carlisle Roddey, who has done the play-by-play for the Chester Cyclones for 44 years, is finally back after recovering from Sepsis. He had only missed 1 game in the 44 years prior but had to miss a full two months while getting back to full health. Carlisle, to his disliking, took it slow coming back, but is now ready to continue his favorite thing to do for the Cyclones.


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Broncos Broadcaster has Ties to Both Teams for Game Against Cleveland

Dave Logan, a former Denver Broncos and Cleveland Browns wide receiver, and current member of the Broncos broadcast team was stuck in a strange situation as the two teams met this week. Before Dave retired he was one of the most athletic players in the National Football League, drafted into both the MLB and NBA. After retirement, Dave also became a high school football coach and led four different schools to a total of seven state titles, a record that no other high school coach is close to.


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Rockies Broadcaster Turned Screenwriter Releases his First Movie

Jeff Kingery, a former broadcaster for the Colorado Rockies, released his first movie, Table 47, a story of love and murder set in Colorado. Jeff retired from radio broadcasting for the Rockies in 2009. After retirement, Jeff realized that he wanted to work in movies and wrote the screenplay that eventually became “Table 47.” Jeff is now working on other movies.


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Joe Buck Still Facing Comparisons to Father Jack

Before The Chicago Cubs beat the St. Louis Cardinals to advance to the National League Championship Series, Joe Buck, a St. Louis native, said that calling a World Series for the Cubs would be one of the greatest moments in his career. This was Joe Buck the baseball fan, not Joe Buck the St. Louisian. This set off a lot of Cardinals fans who began to call out Joe for being “nothing like his father,” Jack Buck, who was a legendary Cardinals broadcaster. The fans said Joe was letting his father down. Joe has been facing comparisons to his father since he became a broadcaster as well and recognizes that they have differences. If there is anything important that the two agreed on thought, it was there love for the game. Any true fan of baseball, including Jack, would agree with Joe that calling a once in a lifetime game is a big deal.

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