“Marc Zumoff was a great broadcast coach because he gave the hands-on experience I really needed to get a feel for reporting and anchoring in a professional setting. His contacts are second to none, and they provided critiques and advice based on years of experience in the business.”

Ashlie HardwayReporter, WTAE-TV Pittsburgh

“Beyond being an exceptional broadcaster, Marc is a refreshingly flat-out, awesome human being, which makes his personal approach to laying the foundations for and establishing a career in the industry that much more effective. Marc is regularly accessible, consistently responsive in corresponding with his clients, and creative when it comes to brainstorming outlets through which clients can gain additional hands-on opportunities in the field. Not only does his knowledge come from great experience, he is above all invested in the process of helping others succeed. Those factors combine to produce an outstanding mentor! ”


Brian SeltzerPlay-by-play University of Pennsylvania Football and Basketball
Host, Philadelphia 76ers basketball, 97.5 The Fantatic

“Marc is a committed coach and adviser who makes YOU his number 1 priority. Email, call, text, Marc will get back to you in no time; providing invaluable coaching, advice, and encouragement when you need help!!”

Geoff ArnoldBroadcasting and Pubic Relations Manager, Frederick Keys, Class A baseball affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles

“To me Marc Zumoff is a coach, a mentor, and a friend. His experience in not just on-air delivery, but also negotiating the industry and making connections, serves as invaluable information for anyone trying to break into broadcasting. Since the first day I worked with Marc, he has never hesitated to take a call, or even make one on my behalf. I couldn’t recommend him and his services more highly.”

Adam BagniSports anchor and reporter, WFAR-TV, Providence

“Despite his busy schedule, Marc is always available by phone or even to meet in person. He replies within a few hours and has taken great personal interest in making sure I do the best work I can do. I am so happy to be working with Marc — I’m learning from the best in the business.”

Eva ZaccariaVideo Editor, thedailymeal.com

“I’ve met many great people in this business, and Marc is certainly one of them. His dedication to his clients is sincere from the very beginning, and I’m extremely happy with all the helpful feedback I’ve received from Marc as I embark on my career in the broadcasting world. I have made significant strides both on-camera and mentally while working with Marc, and I highly recommend him and his services to any aspiring broadcast professional.”

Joshua H. GetzoffSports Director, Fox Champagne, Illinois

Parents of Clients


I would like to thank you for the time and effort you have put forth in relation to my son’s video and audio demo. I am convinced this will put Adam in a position for an opportunity that is related to his future career. Its real simple for me. I size up people in 5 minutes, you say what you do and do what you say. .As a matter of fact Marc, you go beyond your contract. While a demo reel is an important aspect in this process, what I appreciate is the fact that you provide timely consulting, coaching and mentoring along the way to an individual seeking a potential position in the broadcast industry. I know you don’t have to provide this service for a living. It clearly shows in your attitude, that you truly enjoy working to support commited students in their quest to break into broadcasting industry.


(Michael Bagni has graciously agreed to provide contact information upon request.)

Michael BagniMassachusetts, USA

“Your responses to Chris’s comments were insightful and reinforcing…what a support you are for him.”

Deena BrennanCalifornia

Good Morning, Marc:

Many thanks for meeting with Eva last week and for continuing to keep her on the right track as far as what she is currently doing and what she needs to concentrate on for future success. She always phones me right after meeting with you to say how motivating and supportive you are and I am most grateful for that.

Putting Eva in touch with Pat Ciarrocchi has been invaluable, as Eva is now refining her “look” thanks to Pat’s sage advice. Pat really took the time to help Eva and I am both impressed and awed by her kindness, as I continue to be with yours.

Hooking Eva up with Meredith Marakovits to spend an evening at a 76ers game was also a huge plus. Eva saw first hand exactly what an NBA sideline reporter does and, since that is Eva’s ultimate goal, it was quite inspiring.

Simple words like “thank you” are never really enough, Marc, when there is a person out there looking out for your child and so today I will simply say that my wish is to do something wonderful for you. Please continue to provide my name as a reference. I will speak and/or meet with anyone for you. I won’t merely sing your praises — I’ll bring an orchestra!

Have a wonderful day,

Julia ZaccariaPhiladelphia

I just wanted to say a word of thanks for the help you are giving to Joe.  I appreciate your forwarding me these emails.  There’s nothing in the world I’d like to see more than my son pursue and achieve his dreams, and I can see he is well on his way!  You have my everlasting thanks and gratitude!

John J. VasileParamus, NJ