Transitioning Athletes

You played. You coached. You know the game.

Stay in the game as a television or radio analyst.

Most of Marc Zumoff’s more than 40 years in broadcasting has been as a play-by-play broadcaster. He’s in his 21st year as the television voice of the Philadelphia 76ers. He’s broadcast just about every major sport. He’s worked with dozens of players and coaches; patiently, professionally helping them to transition from the field or court to the booth.

Marc will help you take your first-hand knowledge of your sport and teach you how best to communicate it to the fan. He’ll show you how to prepare for a broadcast and how best to use that knowledge, from performing confidently and effectively as a studio analyst to interacting with the play-by-play announcer as you bring the X’s and O’s to life. Coaching and career development via email, phone or videoconferencing whenever you need it.


“Marc Zumoff helped me tremendously with my confidence because I didn’t know what to expect when broadcasting my first game, everything that he said was gonna happen happened!!!”

Chucky BrownFormer NBA player

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