Sports Content Provider.

You might be an aspiring sports anchor, reporter, play-by-play announcer, writer or talk show host, but Sports Content Provider should be the mindset.  This is what our business has become.

And it’s where I come in.

A broadcaster since the administration of President Jimmy Carter, there’s little I haven’t seen or experienced in the business of sportscasting*  This experience has formed the basis for my last 16 years spent as a broadcast coach.  And while I’m primarily known as the TV voice of a professional sports team, I too have become a Sports Content Provider.

As a broadcast coach, here’s how I can help you advance closer to your sportscasting career goals:

  • Career development through networking
  • The Demo
  • Performance coaching
  • Social Media influence
  • Research and relationships
  • Journalism and reporting
  • Writing for the eye and for the ear
  • Utilizing camera and editing skills
  • Anything else related to the business of sportscasting

All of this is more affordable than you might think.  Email me now at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.